Starting Gnome Development

After finishing my studies, I hopefully have more time to do various things I already wanted to start for some time. One of those is contributing to some Open Source Software. Since I like Gnome (for the most part) and see the dynamics of the project I chose that big piece of free software.

Installing Arch Linux

The first thing we need to be able to start hacking is a linux distribution including some up-to-date development libraries. Since I didn’t have luck wih Ubuntu and it screws up anyway in anything that has something to do with Gnome lately, I decided to give Arch Linux a try. It got a good reputation lately by Gnome people and linux humans in general and being a rolling release distribution makes upgrades to the latest versions easier.

I have to admit that I was a bit afraid cause people say arch is hard to install and configure but in the end it was pretty easy and straight forward. The hardest thing was to configure Gnomes NetworkManager. Here is what I did:

  1. Follow the Beginner’s Guide to install the basic System. (Tip print it or write down the important commands).
  2. After restarting and the creation of a new user and installing X-Server (as described in the guide above and linked references) you need to install Gnome.
    I followed this guide. Make sure to also install GDM and enable it in systemd.
    After a restart you should be able to use the gnome desktop.
  3. Within Gnome you can configure you wifi connection with the appropiate commands from the beginners guide but it’s of course nicer to use Gnomes NetworkManager.
    Follow this guide. I also needed some tries cause I mixed up all the enabling and disabling of systemd services and network adapters. So better read twice.

In the end that was it. After the installation of packagekit I had a GUI to install any Software I needed. The next big thing is to understand those AUR stuff which seems pretty nice.

At the moment I try to install the latest Gnome. A next post will show its success hopefully.

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