Cloud Sync with SparkleShare

For a long time I’ve been looking for some piece of software that keeps important documents synchronized between my different operating systems. As those are pretty private documents (contracts, banking stuff, …) I’d like to store them encrypted in the cloud and ideally in a self chosen place.

Long time I used TeamDrive for that, but I always got a bad feeling about that. New clients could only be invited by other clients and not through the server. So if my Notebook with all the clients would die, I would have been lost the documents, though they’re still on some server.

After another search I now found SparkleShare. It’s developed by some Gnome members (as far as I know) and therefore most likely supported a bit longer than some small StartUp Software.
At the server side you only need some Git space as provided by GitHub, Bitbucket or your own server.
At the client side you get packages for all the desktop OSs. I don’t know if mobile clients are a target, but they weren’t in my scope anyway.
To synchronize you just create a git project at the server, link the SparkleShare client to it and put your data into the folder in your client. The client software of SparkleShare will then keep the project synced automatically.
You can also declare a encrypted project, where the files are encrypted by a self chosen password on the client side and also stored in git encrypted. Since the merging algorithm of git won’t work with those encrypted files, you need to merge them manually. I’ll need to see how complicated that will be.

You’ll find the installation instructions on the projects page. I won’t write it down here as it’s pretty simple.

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