ttrss – Swipte to open FeedList Pane


here is my first tip for the users of my tt-RSS App for Windows 10.
On Windows 10 Mobile or when you resize the app to have a small width, the Menu with the list of feeds is hidden and just pops up if you click on the hamburger button.

Highlighted area where you can swipe to open the menu.

Highlighted area where you can swipe to open the menu.

As the button is far away when you’re using your phone with one hand, I implemented a swipe gesture to open the menu. Just swipe from left to right somewhere above the list of headlines (see red rectangle in the screenshot on the left) and the menu should open. Sadly this doesn’t work for the listview of headlines, but better then nothing. Please comment for improvements or problems.

Have a nice day!

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  1. I can help you translate the app into Chinese

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