ttrss – the next feature voted by you


as you may have noticed, you are able to vote for the next feature since version 4.1.2 of the Windows app (early July). As results have been pretty static over the last few days I decided to start work on the next feature based on the current result.
your choice for the next featureAs you see the most votes have been applied to managing feeds from within the app. From my opinion this will consist of the following, some which are possible:

  • Subscribe to a new feed
  • Unsubscribe from a feed
  • Change group for feed (via unsubscribing and subscribing again)

and some currently not possible actions due to missing API calls:

  • Rename feeds/groups
  • Rearrange groups
  • Delete groups

So I’ll begin with the first ones and get back to the developers of ttrss to may update the api.
As always contact me for any questions or hints.

Kind regards

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