About me

Just some words about myself.
My name is Stefan and I was born 1988 in Dresden, Germany.
Currently I live in Travemünde (Lübeck) at the baltic sea ❤.

After school I studied computer science, so my hobby became profession.
My first job was as test engineer at T-Systems where I mainly programmed automated functional tests for websites and mobile apps.
When I moved from Dresden to Travemünde with my family, I started as software developer at eos.uptrade. There we develop different products for local public transport companies, mainly web and mobile ticketing solutions. My primary programming language is Java, but I also did projects in type-/java-script, c#, kotlin, groovy and probably others too.

In my free time I’m mostly interested in open source software, which helps organizing my life. It started with using Ubuntu and Arch Linux as operating system at my time at university (now I’m pretty satisfied with Windows 10). Later I started using owncloud (now nextcloud) and tiny tiny rss. While using Windows Phone (I loved it those few years it existed) I was missing a client for tt-rss, so I started writing my own. After the death of windows phone I began to wirte a progressive web app instead, which is also currently my main private project.
You can find it here: https://github.com/thescientist

Other hobbies of mine are music 🎶 (Indie-/Alternative Rock), volleyball 🏐 (played it for 15 years, becoming german youth champion once) and of course my family 👨‍👦.
Oh by the way, music is the reason for the domain name and my github alias: Coldplay was my first favorite band (though I don’t like the current albums) and The Scientist was my favorite song. I also use Warning Sign (another song of them) as alias sometimes.

That’s enough I think, if you want to get in touch leave a comment or look here: https://www.facebook.com/stefan.prasse
Have a nice day!