ttrss – 4.3.1 released


here comes a bug fix version. An issue has been fixed where the appbar buttons of articles had a wrong state when opened side by side with the article list (desktop maximized).

And the app will reload the main page (headlines and feeds) when the app is reopened and has not been used for more than 10 minutes. So you won’t need to reselect the feed to get the newest headlines.

Regards Stefan

ttrss – no more features for now


you may have noticed, that there haven’t been any updates for some time. I’m currently contributing to another project, which takes most of my free time. 
I won’t implement any complicated new features from now on, but of course you can tell me if there are some stupid bugs and I’ll try to fix them.
I’ll also make sure the app will work with any new versions of Windows 10, as I’m using the app myself a lot. If someone is interested to contribute some code, please get in contact with me. I’d need to rework some code (passwords and internal stuff) to make it public.

Kind regards


ttrss – marking articles as read

One of the most important features of Tiny Tiny RSS and equivalent services like Feedly is the option to mark articles as read, and sync that state to all your devices. You’ll always know what you already have read and what’s new.
With the latest release the Windows app for TT-RSS now has one more option to mark articles as read.
As there are now two ways to automatically toggle the state and several manual ones, I want to give a quick recap here.

Let’s start with the automatic ones. You can both enable and disable them on the settings page.

settings mark automatically as read
wp_ss_20161117_0008Mark articles read when opening: If this option is enabled articles will by marked as read when you open its details view. You’ll notice that the app bar button on the bottom changes from unread to read.
Mark as read when scrolling through headlines: If this option is enabled articles are marked as read while you browse through the headlines. Everytime you scroll, the app checks if items move out of your view at the top. You’ll notice the text style changes from bold to normal. If there are no more articles to append to the list (e.g. in Fresh articles) all items are marked as read.

Now to the manual options. I’ll jump through the different views of the app to enumerate all possible options:

feed context menu - mark feed as read

feed context menu – mark feed as read

Feed menu: On any feed (special and normal) you can right click / tap and hold and a context menu pops up to mark the whole feed as read.

mark feeds as read in headlines view

mark feeds as read in headlines view

Headlines view: On the top you have a tool bar. Tapping the three dots (…) will also display the option to mark the displayed feed as read. You can also enable multiselection for the list which will add a toolbar to the bottom of the headlines list, that contains a button to toggle the read state of all selected items. And not to forget the quick actions introduced in 4.1.0.

mark article or feed as read through article details view

mark article or feed as read through article details view

Article details view: Again there is a toolbar on the bottom to toggle the read state of the shown article. And when using small screens (mobile or small sized window) you have the option to mark all items of this feed as read.

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ttrss – Version 4.3.0 released

Hi folks,

Tiny Tiny RSS reader for Windows 4.3.0 will be released within the next few hours.
You’ll be able to mark articles as read automatically while scrolling through the headlines.
I’ll write a follow up post tomorrow to explain the now even more complicated ways to mark articles as read.

For any problems, wishes or hint please get in contact with me.

Kind regards

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ttrss – Version 4.2.1 released

Yesterday was a productice day,

got some bugs fixed and also a small feature implemented.
The Subscribe Page should now look fine on all devices and some crashes on bad connection should be gone.

New: You can now mark a feed as read from the feed list via the context menu that’s also used for removing feeds. It also works for special feeds. Screenshots below are in german, but you should get it – “Markiere als gelesen” means mark as read.

And in the last post I forgot to mention that you can now vote again for the next feature to implement.
Displaying feeds as tree and marking articles as read while scrolling through headlines are on top at the moment.

wp_ss_20161018_00011 wp_ss_20161018_00021

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