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ttrss – Version 4.1.0 released

Hi there,

the latest release has the following changes:

  • Allow server urls without /api/-suffix
  • Allow HTTP authentication (Live Tile won’t work)
  • Quickactions in Article List
    • Toggle read and favorite buttons for mouse
      quickactions mouse
    • Swipe to toggle read/favorite
      swipeleft swipeRight

Kind regards

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ttrss – crash free?

No tip or trick, just some information.
Since version 4.0.2 I collect some usage information for the app (all anonymously of course) and I just saw that there has been no crash for the new version so far. I hope the statistic there is correct, if not please tell me.

4.0.5 hockeyapp statistics

ttrss – Fixing Live Tile problems


I missed to add something to the tips and tricks area last week, so here we go again.
It happens quite often to me that the live tile doesn’t work the way I expect. E.g. after release updates the image is gone or the counter stops updating.
If you’re seeing similar problems, the solution is as simple as annoying. Just go  to the settings and deactivate and reactivate the live tile.
Of course it would be nice if I’d just fix those problems, but as they’re hard to track and I plan to refactor those live tiles someday anyway I won’t do for the moment.

I hoped that helped some of you.

ttrss – Version 4.0.5 released

There should soon be an update out with the following changes:

  • Added Chinese translation from Ryan Lee – thank you very much
  • Hopefully fixed the crash when resuming the app from background

Please report any problems regarding the updated version.

ttrss – Version 4.0.4 released

Hi there,

as Windows 10 is not so informative about updates of your apps and just doing it in the background, I’ll also write a post per release here.
So 4.0.4 will be released today and should fix some crashes. I replaced the logging mechanism, which was causing the most crashes in the last weeks.

Update: Just recognized a crash when returning to the app from another one. Try to fix this as as soon as possible. I’ll remove the version from the store.

Kind regards

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