ttrss – 4.2.0 Release with Feed management


I’m happy to announce release 4.2.0, the first release with a feature voted by you!
You can now add and remove feeds. See screenshots below. Sadly the api of Tiny Tiny RSS has no more options, like moving/renaming feeds or changing groups.

main subscribe


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ttrss – Version 4.1.6 released

Hello everybody.

Version 4.1.6 will be released within the next few hours.
New user Michał from poland has reported a bug and provided a polish translation. Thank you very much!
The bug has also been fixed and two others, that have been reported from Mircosoft crash logs.

Kind regards

Update: There is a bug for marking articles read automatically, when usinng the ArticlePage (Mobile or small Desktop Window). The item is marked as read, but the AppBarButton is not updated.
I’ll push an update tonight.

Update 2: 4.1.7 with the fix is out

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ttrss – Readability Plugin

Hello everyone,

did you ever have a feed, that displays just a preview of the articles content instead of the whole story? If so this post is for you.

There are different ways to read the complete article. In the app you can click on the globe appbarButton (the one on the right) to open the originial page in the browser or you click on the text “Load original page”, which should be appended on the bottom of the preview text, to load the original page within the app. The second option has the drawback that not all functions of a real browser are supported by the webview in the app.

Another (and maybe the best) option is to activate the af_readability Plugin on your server. This tries to fetch the original content from the page and replaces the preview text with the full article. This is done using the readability service. As the complete content is stored on your ttrss server, it’s also used by the app and you can read full articles instead of the preview without navigating to the original page.
You’ll need to try if it works with your special feed source, but it does for most pages.
So here is how to acitvate the plugin for a special feed:

  1. Login to your ttrss server using the web interface
  2. Go to settings and open the plugin pane
  3. Activate af_readability
  4. Go to the feeds tab in settings
  5. Edit the feed you want to use the plugin for
  6. Go to the plugins tab and activate the readability setting
  7. Repeat 5 and 6 for any feed you’d like to.

You should now get the full contents for new articles of the selected feeds.
If you have any problems, just leave a comment here or mail me.

Kind regards

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ttrss – the next feature voted by you


as you may have noticed, you are able to vote for the next feature since version 4.1.2 of the Windows app (early July). As results have been pretty static over the last few days I decided to start work on the next feature based on the current result.
your choice for the next featureAs you see the most votes have been applied to managing feeds from within the app. From my opinion this will consist of the following, some which are possible:

  • Subscribe to a new feed
  • Unsubscribe from a feed
  • Change group for feed (via unsubscribing and subscribing again)

and some currently not possible actions due to missing API calls:

  • Rename feeds/groups
  • Rearrange groups
  • Delete groups

So I’ll begin with the first ones and get back to the developers of ttrss to may update the api.
As always contact me for any questions or hints.

Kind regards

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ttrss – Version 4.1.5 released

Hello dear users,

after some not communicated bugfix releases, here comes TinyTiny RSS 4.1.5 for Windows 10.
This one has only some minor fixes and code cleanup.
The two changes you may notice:

  1. Starred articles are now shown italic in the list, like unread ones have been shown bold for a long time.
  2. The AppBarButtons for unread and starred have now a different label depending on the article state. So for an unread article the button shows ‘Mark as read’, instead of ‘Toggle read state’.

I’ll get back to you soon and will inform about your votes for the next feature and my plans for it.

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