Mobile Test Automation

This page should give you an overview about a personal project, that started one year ago as a thesis at TU Dresden, GER.
The project is called MGT (Mobile GUI Testing). MGT is a Test Framework that makes it possible to write and execute Tests for different (mobile) platforms. It has its own keyword-based language and is developed upon Eclipse tooling.  For a more complete introduction what this is about read this post:

The code with some instructions of usage is hosted at GitHub.
Details of the different parts of the framework are described in these separated posts:

Since this is a private project, future development won’t be very fast nor has the quality to use it in productive environments. The project is primarily used for the education of myself. The documentation here also serves as a reference of my skills.
Anyhow you’re invited to try it out, join development or just discuss about it. Leave a comment or write a mail to spspamme(at) if you’d like to contact me.

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