tt-RSS Reader for Windows

Tiny Tiny RSS Reader for Windows

Hi folks,

here you can find all information about the Windows App Tiny Tiny RSS Reader.
It should run on Windows Phone 8.x and Windows 10 (universal app).
Bugs and feature requests can be submitted here via Mail.
Please also contact me for translations or other contributions!

The changelog can be found here.
Help can be found here (WP 8.x only, Windows 10 works slightly different).
For Windows 10 I started a tips & tricks blog series here.

License notes

The Tiny Tiny RSS Reader App is developed independently from the server software (

The App-Logo is based on the one from the server-software and is licensed under the GPL-3 License (see

Privacy notes

The App saves no data, except for your app settings including your login credentials of the tt-rss server you are using. The password is saved encrypted on your phone. However if you are using an unsecure connection to your server (http instead of https) your login credentials and any other data is sent unencrypted to the server.

If you are using the live tile option your login credentials and your devices id are sent to my personal server and saved in a database. When deactivating the live tile this data is removed immediately. The data will not be used for any other reason than the original apps purpose nor sent to any third party organization or person.

If you have any questions regarding the usage of your data please contact me.


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  1. Can you provide the appx file, please ?

  2. Any chance you would release the source code on github (or some other plattform) to contribute features?

  3. Tiny Tiny RSS | telecharger - pingback on 21. July 2018 at 22:11
  4. Hey there,

    My compliments on what I think is the only Tiny Tiny RSS client in the Windows store.

    I’m unable to connect, I’ve got my server deployed to using Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. I use:

    User: brad

    As the connection particulars and get an opaque “Error sending http request. Check server field.” when I try to connect.

    Let me know if I can provide any more info!

  5. Thanks for this great app. I use it every day on mobile and tablet.

    Any chance you would release the source code on github (or some other plattform) to contribute features?

  6. You won’t believe how happy I was when I found this app! Finally TTRSS on my Windows Phone 😀

    It worked right away, has a very functional and clean design, and it’s intuitive. Great Job.

    Are there any plans to make this a universal app? Would love to have on the notebook as well!

  7. How to donate? I usw your app alot and would like to say thank you… Or shall I let some beverage delivery service drop some beer in front of your door? Or an amazon wish list…

    • Thank you a lot! But you don’t need to contribute something to me. Instead you may could help the project. At the moment I’m looking for translators (spanish, french or chinese would be nice) and I also wanted to add a help page here – maybe including a screencast.
      If you could do anything like that, you would make me really happy 🙂

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