4.3.1 (Windows 10)

  • Bug fix for article app bar buttons (read and favorite state) on desktop, when swithing articles in headlines list.
  • Reload page content when app is resumed after more then 10 minutes in background.

4.3.0 (Windows 10)

  • Mark articles as read when scrolling through list (if activated via settings)

4.2.1 (Windows 10)

  • Mark feeds as read through context menu in feed list
  • Fix some crashes on bad signal

3.1.4 (Windows Phone 8.1)

  • Allow HTTP Basic Authentication

4.2.0 (Windows 10)

  • Add and remove feeds
  • Top toolbar bug fixes

4.1.7 (Windows 10)

  • Fixed 4.1.6 critical bug

4.1.6 (Windows 10)

  • Polish translation – thanks to Michał
  • Bug Fixes
    Update: There is a bug for marking articles read automatically, when usinng the ArticlePage (Mobile or small Desktop Window). The item is marked as read, but the AppBarButton is not updated. I’ll push an update tonight.

4.1.5 (Windows 10)

  • Code Cleanup for AppBarButtons
  • Feature Vote ability only per minor versions, not every build (once per 4.x instead of 4.x.y)
  • Show favorites in italic style in favorites list.

4.1.3/4.1.4 (Windows 10)

  • Fix Icon download using http auth

4.1.2 (Windows 10)

  • Add ability to vote for next feature
  • Fix Icon download using http auth

4.1.1 (Windows 10)

  • Fix HTTP Authentication for Mobile

4.1.0 (Windows 10)

  • Allow server urls without /api/-suffix
  • Enable HTTP Authentication
  • Quickactions in Article List
    • Toggle read and favorite buttons for mouse
    • Swipe to toggle read/favorite

3.1.3 (Windows Phone 8.1)

  • Allow server urls without /api/-suffix

4.0.4 (Windows 10)

  • Bug fixes

4.0.3 (Windows 10)

  • Italian translation – thanks to Maerco
  • Bug fixes

4.0.2 (Windows 10)

  • Fix mark all read for categories
  • Try to fix black background in article list on light theme

4.0.1 (Windows 10)

  • Migration to Windows 10 Universal app – runs on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • All new adaptive Layout
  • Categories selectable

3.1.2 (Windows Phone 8.1)

  • Fix Selection of first feed in All Feeds List
  • Better logging for http errors at connection testing

  • allow unsigned or self signed SSL certificates
  • little UI changes
  • fix unpinning feed from special feeds

  • Bug Fixes (crash on bad connection)
  • Russian translation (thanks Юрий)
  • Pin Feeds to Special Feeds view
  • new setting to make swiping between articles easier

  • Bug Fixes (images in article content)
  • simple Ad Blocker
    (contact me if I should add more sites to the blacklist)
  • Go back to last used view on main page (Special or All Feeds)

  • Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fixes (Icons, too big images in web view)
  • Removed landscape mode for reading articles

  • List View for Headlines
    (enable in Settings)
  • Load original page in app
  • Optional Dark Background for article text
  • Fixed some scaling issues of article text
  • migrated to universal app framework
    -> all settings are lost. Eventually live tile needs to be enabled twice.

  • Add possibility to share articles

  • Fix Resolution bug
  • Fix Live Tile activation

  • Added Live tile option + possibility to add on lockscreen
  • Remove save and cancel buttons from settings.
    Changes are saved immediately.

  • Fix crashes using Appbar buttons

  • more small bug fixes
  • Still working on live tile as big next feature

  • Fix crash when returning to app

  • Fix shown counter in Fresh Articles-Feed

  • Same as (and, but automatic Update works now.

  • Bug Fixes (fresh Count, differences between headline & content)
  • Link to project website in Apps about page.

  • Bug Fix for https-Urls of server
  • App Name on Tile

Inital Release

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