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First steps

The very first thing you need to do is enter your tt-RSS server credentials.

  1. Goto settings
  2. Enter the URL of your server, e.g.
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Hit the save connection button
  5. Connection successful: You can start reading

Connection failed: Hopefully the error message gives you a hint

Otherwise check these points

  • Is API enabled on your server (go to settings on your server and check)
  • When using https, try to open the URL in the browser of your phone, to download ssl certificates


The app has 4 pages:

Main page

Here you can select which feed you want to read. Either from the list of special feeds or from the list of all your feeds (categorized).
If you’re holding an item from the all feeds list you can pin it to the special feeds view. Holding it there you can remove it again.
The AppBar can be used to go to the settings, refresh your feeds or go to this help page.

Article List Page

Depending on your settings you may come here after you selected a feed.
This page displays all headlines of the selected feed, including author and time. Unread articles are shown in bold text.
Selecting one item will open the Article Page.

With an AppBar button you can enable multiselection.
If there are multiple items selected, you can toggle their favorite and read state. Other AppBar items can be used to reload the headlines in a different sort order, mark all articles as read or just show unread articles.

If you hit the bottom of the list more will be loaded.

Article page

You may come here directly from the main page or from the article list page.
The page shows the headline, author, date and feed as well as the articles content.

You can swipe at the article head and borders of the article content to get to the next or previous article of the feed or hit the back button to get to the previous page.

The AppBar shows if the article is read or a favorite (filled circle) or not. Hitting those buttons will change the state. Other AppBar items can be used to share the article, open it in Internet explorer or publish it.
There are also the same menu items as in article list page to resort the articles of the feed, just show unread articles or mark the feed as read.

At the bottom of the article content you’ll find a link to load the original page in the content view. However not all pages work in this view.
At the top you find a progress bar or counter which gives you a hint where you are within the feed.

Hit the back button of your phone to get back to the previous page.

Settings page

The settings page has 4 views.

  1. Connection view
    Enter your server credentials
  2. Live tile view
    Enable the live tile, it will show you how many articles are unread on your startscreen. You can also add the app to ypur lockscreen.
  3. Impressum
    Gives you some information about the app and the possibility to send an email to me (please attach logs if the app crashed)
  4. Settings view
    • Mark articles read automatically – when an article is displayed on the article page and is unread, it will be marked read if you check this check box
    • Just show unread articles of feed – if you hit a feed of your all feeds list this setting will decide if all articles of the feed are loaded (in article list or article page) or just the unread ones. It’s just the default setting, you can always change it via AppBar menu on the pages.
    • Show scrollbar instead of counter on article page – decide whether you want a concrete counter, e.g. 13/20 or a progress bar on the article page to give you a hint where you are. I prefer the progress bar as it saves spaces and the counter is not that exact, when articles are lazy loaded.
    • Use dark background at article content – enabling this will show article content white on black instead of black on white, nice if you use the dark theme of the phone
    • Sort order – here you can set the default sort order, which always can be changed on the article list or article pages
    • Use list view – decide whether the article list page should be shown
      • Always
      • Never (always go directly to article page)
      • Just for special feeds
      • All but special feeds


  1. Just an FYI, it looks like desktops aren’t seeing updates newer than 🙁

  2. Hi. Great app!

    Silly question: I need to resize the window to small before I can swipe to the next or previous article. Is there an easier way to get in this mode? I’m on Windows 10 (touch screen laptop).


    • Sorry, I missed your comment.
      Normally swipe should work on every size. The problem is you can’t swipe on the article body, just on the title and the small border around the body. So you should probably try to swipe on the title when maximized.

      Kind regards

  3. Awesome app. Althrough I do miss a couple of functions like not having to press more options menu just to be able to click the “mark all as read”, which I guess could be improved with shortcut keys if you’re using this on a tablet/hybrid with a keyboard.

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